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When excersise backfires

Every person needs to perform some kind of physical excersise regularly in order to be healthy. Gymnastics and other physical activity do not only improve our phisical capabilities such as strenght and speed, or even the appearance of our bodies. They make us healthy by activating our organism and strenghtening it from the inside. Aerobic excersise such as running, swimming and cycling increase the blood supply to all areas of our body and help us fight the negative consequences of sedentarism such as overweight and chronical conditions.

You do not need to be an athlete or an olympic gymnast in order to be healthy. You just have to perform some sort of physical excersise regularly. Your body is like an engine: if you don’t put it to work every once in a while, someday you find out that it just doesn’t start anymore. And you need your body to be alive, so you better take care of it by excersising it regularly.


Running has been reported to be one of the best excersises for a healthy body. People wo run often have significantly less medical conditions and a longer life span. However, not all that glitters is gold. For as good as running could be for your health, performing it the wrong way can lead to sport injuries and pain. 

Any sort of excersise must be performed, at least at the beginning, under the guidance of a qualified coach. The coach will tell you how to do things, and for a reason. Improper running, in this case, can be the cause of foot, legs or even back problems. In order to prevent running injuries, each step must be taken within the right physical parameters.

Bodies are more precise than they may seem

Our skeleton, muscles and tendons work together as a whole structure that is prepared to work in a certain way. Every part has its own function and its own ideal performance conditions. When the amount of stress or the position are not correct, these structures can wear off and become damaged. In some cases, the difference of a good step and a bad step is so little that doctors need special equipment to detect them. Slight torsions or bendin of joints, landing the weight of the body on the wrong spot of the foot, or even having a bad stride length can lead to painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis, spurs, muscular pain and shin pain. 

It is easy to imagine how these injuries work if you think about the body as a machine. It has pieces, each one of them designed and prepared to have a certain function. If you put too much stress on them, of if you do it the wrong way, these pieces can not take it and break. Lesions can be big, like a bone fracture, but it is very rare that improper running causes such a major injury. Usually, the damage takes form of microlesions, which is, small little tearings and fractures in the tissue of our legs and feet. 

These lesions are painful and are not easy to treat in the traditional way, such as with painkillers, corticoids or even surgery. However, there are simple ways to relieve the pain and heal these microlesions. The body has natural self-healing processes, so some of these conditions go away by themselves as long as we stop running; still, there are some things that we can do to help this natural process.

How to relieve foot and leg pain caused by microlesions

The secret behind foot pain relief is to understand the source of this pain, which is the improper stressing of our muscles and tendons. Therefore, strenghtening them with excersises is a great way to help them deal with such stress. Also, correcting our running technique is quite a basic measure to take. Seeing a coach or visiting the physiotherapist will be of great help.

Orthotic foot insoles are excellent for plantar fasciitis and other painful conditions described above. They correct the position in which the feet touch the ground, therefore they help to distribute the body weight accordingly to the foot’s natural structure, while they support such structure in place. You can either buy some standard "off-the-shelf" orthotics or you can get custom-made orthotics, such as FootActive or the like, which are usually more expensive but at the same time they are far more efficient. Custom foot orthotics are specifically designed for your problem and will correct the position of your feet, while off-the-shelf orthotics serve general purposes like improving blood irrigation and providing cushioning for your feet.


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It is such a pleasure ordering my orthotics from these guys. They do not only focus on selling but they make sure that every product that they sell to you is indeed needed by you. If it is not and your condition of plantar fasciitis can be treated otherwise, they tell you.

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For the last few months, I woke up with a terrible pain under my heel. My doctor informed me that I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and advised me to get orthotic insoles. I bought a few pairs of insoles for this company and am definitely satisfied with my purchase.